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Information technology and engineering department


Aripov Ziyod Xasanovich

Department head

Тел: +99871 203-30-32 / 172

E-mail: gxp.duk@ssv.uz

Information technology and engineering department

Main tasks of the Department of Information Technology and Engineering

1. Organization of a set of programs for the implementation and development of information technologies, collection, storage and automation of data processing in the center;

2. Ensure the relationship between information systems and resources from the point of view of information technology, organize the formation and development of infrastructure that ensures the creation of databases;

3. Providing regulatory, technological, information and analytical information for the effective use and development of information and communication technologies in the departments of the center;

4. Development, improvement of ensuring continuous active operation of the site;

5. Implementation and development of the technical infrastructure of the center to ensure information security of information resources and information systems;

6. Carrying out an information security policy when using modern information technologies in the center, ensuring its strict compliance.

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